Back from HIATUS:  We all get a little busy and take some time off… Here it goes: “Wait another fashion blogger?” (insert eye roll here.) Yes, I have heard it all “Wait people make money off taking pictures of themselves????” However, to all you creative fashionistas hats off to you! It is because of you,Continue reading “JEAN FEIGN”

Last Minute Holiday Shopping!

DO NOT PANIC! It is officially one week until Christmas and if you are like me you haven’t even started your shopping yet! (Forgive me father for I have sinned.) Don’t panic I have put together a shopping help guide for all the important people you need to buy gifts for. Shop My Mavatar collectionsContinue reading “Last Minute Holiday Shopping!”

How to wear your favorite statement boots without looking like a “HO HO HO”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Suede Santa would surely be jealous of…. Furs to keep you festive… Designers that will help you deck the halls… In order to be able to wear my six inch heeled boots without looking too risqué I combine the right lengths. Do look for skirts that flowContinue reading “How to wear your favorite statement boots without looking like a “HO HO HO””

Bonkers Over Bags

Reading Rue La La’s post on the style guide to handbags just puts a smile on my face! Every style bag holds a purpose for a different function or event. So without further adieu I present to you my must have bags and what I can’t live without that gets stored inside. The daily:Continue reading “Bonkers Over Bags”


  You either love them or hate them but they are popping up everywhere. So it sucks for you if your not a fan of the warrior sandal considering people will still keep wearing them at least until next season. Fashion icon Betsey Johnson once said, “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress forContinue reading “Gladiator LOVER OR HATER”

The Future Of Fashion Is Looking Bright!

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity of being a guest at the Future Fashionistas fashion show held at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, New Jersey. Thanks to MTL Communications I was able to witness firsthand all the talent and hard work behind this program. I could not have been more impressed atContinue reading “The Future Of Fashion Is Looking Bright!”

It wasn’t me, it was you

My graphic tee sparked raised a legitimate question I have for all you “bad girlfriends” out there. So badass babes were you in fact “bad” girls or rather girls that were left dealing with poor excuses of men that couldn’t handle just how amazing you were? No this isn’t something off my Pinterest inspirational quoteContinue reading “It wasn’t me, it was you”