Gifting Done Right!

Not ready for the most wonderful time of the year? Don’t dread it, give a personalized gift and I promise they won’t forget it.

Scrapbook- Simple yet a great way to display precious memories with someone.
Memory Board- Photo or memento collage displayed on a chicken wire frame. Not into DIY? Don’t worry that is what Etsy is for – Just attach your memories!
The experience card. When you can’t wrap the experience, show off what you have planned! Printouts of tickets, mini photos, colorful stickers, and confirmations make wonderful fillers for a card showing off an adventure to come!


Teen Boys – They don’t want anything… Until they see a pizza box filled with cash! This easy gift is sure to please!
Smythson Agendas and notebooks are a favorite of mine. Personalized and professional – this gift is perfect for anyone. Pick a motif, lettering, color, etc.

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