Daddy’s Day Delay




First of all I hope any father’s reading this blog (I’m sure not too many) had a great Dad’s Day! Special shout out to Pop my grandfather AND main man, and my uncle Chuck without you both my male reader population would be zero.

Blogger babble: My grandfather is actually my legally adopted father as well. Not only has the man survived a shark attack posted in Sports Illustrated, ran numerous companies, held my family together, he also adopted my sometimes difficult to deal with but stylish self. The role model of my life who makes all and every one of my dreams come true is a simple and humble man. However, it’s pretty difficult shopping for his gifts considering Hallmark doesn’t have a happy pop/grandfather/legal father card. It’s ok though I make it work. The purpose of this post is not to come off sappy or ramble on. I just wanted to point out how amazing of a man my father figure is. I couldn’t have asked for a better dad if I tried. Although, you refuse to get rid of those awful orange corduroy pants that you swear are brown I love you still. I could never fully explain all you mean to me. As CHEESEY as it sounds (yes I will use the word cheesy considering my grandfather has a cheese company is 75 and still killing the game) you taught me the best accessory is my smile. Thanks for supplying that smile for the last 25 years.
Closing thought: smile=best accessory however, handbags and shoes=pretty good too

Special thanks to the help of my models: Pop (the man, the myth, and the legend) and my three beautiful cousins: Marissa, Emily, and Noelle.

The Father’s Day Getup
Skirt from Oasis boutique in Montclair, NJ
Top from LF in Soho, New York
Bag: YSL
Shoes: YSL

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