It wasn’t me, it was you

It wasn't me, it was you

My graphic tee sparked raised a legitimate question I have for all you “bad girlfriends” out there. So badass babes were you in fact “bad” girls or rather girls that were left dealing with poor excuses of men that couldn’t handle just how amazing you were? No this isn’t something off my Pinterest inspirational quote board I am being for real!

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Does your “man” still live at home with mom?
2) Does he have an undesirable whine that seems to be never ending? (Give him cheese this pairs great with wine.)
3) Does homeboy have his own checks?!?
4) Does he use social media as a way to vent out his problems? (Suggest him looking into for a therapist that may accept his insurance because chances are your FB friends don’t care if it’s complicated bro.)
5) Has he surprised you or made you laugh in the last couple months? (Not shocked that he still can’t put the toilet seat down or laugh at the fact that he is much more of a tool then anything Sears has to offer.)
6) Does he pick up weights at the gym more frequently then bills at dinner? (If he can afford to have huge jugs of protein around the house he can afford a dinner tab trust me.)
7) Does he talk to Siri more? (Guys that constantly are on their phone are just not cute and I highly doubt he’s trying to find how many florists are in the area to make up that dinner he didn’t pay for.)

Ladies, if 1-7 applies chances are you are only a bad girlfriend cause hombre is a little insecure to match what you have to offer. Kick him to the curb with the suggestion of downloading Tinder the app is free just sayin’ …

I’m wearing another one of my favorites from Chi Flo again in this Bad Girlfriend crop!
My shoes are the circus collection by Sam Edleman.
Shorts are Furst of a kind

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  1. I’m on Tinder and never see you 🙁

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